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​​​“Evolving Freight Forwarding”

​Unprecedented change continues in the freight forwarding market,” observes the consultancy’s president, Cathy Roberson.  “New startups, new competitive threats, new technology offerings and new services are all occurring within the market.  How are the traditional forwarders such as DHL, Kuehne + Nagel and Panalpina addressing these changes?”

For starters, she adds, many forwarders are investing in technology to compete against a host of online freight marketplaces that have popped up over the past few years. In addition, many forwarders have embraced supply chain digitalization and have either built out their own solutions, partnered with technology providers, formed startup accelerator programs or acquired assets to further digitization efforts

This leads her to wonder if it is the technology itself leading the charge or are shippers demanding market changes? Regardless, forwarders are faced with the possibility of consolidation and the need to differentiate from the thousands of forwarders available globally. The 2017 survey found that while 45% of respondents indicated that technology investment was how forwarders would differentiate, niche services was a close behind at 42%.

“Lastly, has the role of the freight forwarder changed? Perhaps even more important, with all the available technology such as blockchain and AI are forwarders still relevant?  The results have indicated that the forwarders’ role is evolving and while more than half the respondents indicated that forwarders are still relevant .

From:  Logistics Management - Sept. 2018



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Using Automation to Attract Millennials to Your Workforce

Attracting, retaining and motivating a skilled workforce is the biggest challenge businesses face today.​     

In the National Association of Manufacturers’ Fourth Quarter 2017 Manufacturers’ Outlook Survey, 72.9% of respondents said that their top business challenge is the “inability to attract and retain a quality workforce,” and “79.8% of respondents said they have unfilled positions within their company that they are struggling to fill with qualified applicants.

​Likewise, the 2017 Annual Industry Report produced by MHI (the supply chain and material handling association) found that 63% of supply chain professionals responding to its survey stated that “hiring and retaining a skilled workforce continues to be the biggest obstacle” faced by their businesses.

So, why aren’t Millennials rushing to fill all the job openings in supply chain and manufacturing?   One reason is that they are drawn to jobs that allow them to use their inherent comfort, familiarity and adeptness with technology.

Therein lies one solution for attracting the Millennial workforce to manufacturing and warehousing careers: investment in technology, such as automation.  Even a semi‐automated solution like an automated storage and retrieval system (AS/RS).

Although investing in automation as a method of workforce recruitment is a cost justification far outside what most operations look at when considering the return on investment from this type of capital expenditure, there are a variety of ways that AS/RS technologies can appeal to Millennials, as well as increase an operation’s productivity.

From:  Logistics Management - Sept. 2018

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Export-grade pallet optimized for one-way shipping. 

​​The Exporter engineered, molded wood pallet provides a high-performance, sustainable and affordable unit-load solution for one-way and export shipping.  

​During its proprietary manufacturing method, heat exceeding 350 degrees eliminates insects and contaminants.  Because the pallet is considered processed wood--approved for export as-is per IPPC-ISPM 15--shippers avoid additional costs to heat-treat wood pallets and the need for a license stamp to demonstrate compliance.  

​Additionally, they resist mold, moisture sensing insects and bacteria in high-humidity, low air flow environments such as overseas shipping containers and tropical destinations.Argus Group, Ltd. Founded in 1981, Argus is an oil and pipeline construction company doing business primarily in Russia and the former Soviet countries. They distribute pipe welding equipment, heavy equipment, anti-corrosion materials and other products used in the construction, repair and restoration of pipelines and infrastructure. 

From:  Material Handling - Sept. 2018